Nonviolent Peaceforce (NP) is an international federation conceived in 1999, composed of over 40 non-governmental member organizations. NP uses the methods of Mahatma Gandhi, and works, by invitation, with local and international agencies to restore and maintain peace in areas of crisis around the world. NP San Diego is a local chapter of the US NP Chapter Association, a member organization of NP.


March 2017 | Peace Watch
Women in South Sudan with Peacekeepers

Women a Powerful Force 
Rebecca is a South Sudanese woman who fled her home to escape violence. She is an activist in the Protection of Civilians camp where she now lives. As she says, “no matter how difficult life can be, women have the ability to come together and cooperate to achieve something for the collective good.” Despite suffering the brutal effects of war, women like Rebecca are powerful force for peace and security.  Learn more »
A WPT Member in SSResilient Women of South Sudan
In his recent journey to South Sudan, Mel Duncan, sat with 100 women peacekeepers. Most had been raped during South Sudan's current civil war. Despite this, they talked about their work to prevent children from becoming soldiers, intervening when violence flares and organizing rallies to bring opposing clans together. Learn more »
Joan BernsteinJoan Bernstein, A Woman Peacemaker 
On this International Women's Day, we celebrate the life of Joan Bernstein. Joan was an advocate, activist, peacemaker and passionate organizer. Joan through her amazing organizing skills created self-duplicating community trainings for NP in the US, which led to hundreds of new adherents to NP who bought Peace Bonds, contributed regulary and were better able to solve neighborhood or family conflicts better than before.  Learn more »

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